Viren Gems

Synthetic Diamond Powder (Micron)

Our "SID Premium Quality" Synthetic Micron Powder is produced to meet or exceed the sizing standards of the National Bureau of Standards.

Sizes available: 0-0.25 to 40-60 micron.
( Other grain sizes as per customer's specifications are available on request. )

Diamond Micron Powder is the fine size of synthetic diamond powder, diamond micron polishing powder used in polishing, finishing, super finishing and lapping powder for sapphire polishing, gemstone polishing, quartz polishing, ceramic polishing, glass, natural diamond, electronic components and other hard materials polishing etc, our diamond micron powder is also suitable for making flexible pads, diamond polishing discs, diamond wire drawing dies, copping paste, precision grinding disc, PCD & PDC composites.

We can supply micron powder sizes according to customers request. We continously seeking innovations for diamond micron powder products, currently our diamond micron powders/diamond polishing powder products exported to foreign countries an areas with excellent polishing results from factories nd workshops. Our diamond micron powders welcome by customers from USA, India, UK, Belgium, Thailand, Korea, Japan etc. As a supplier and manufacturer diamond micron powder(diamond polishing powder), our products are of the following grain: